NuBuck & Suede Brush

NuBuck & Suede Brush


  • Ideal for: Suede and NuBuck
  • Use the eraser side to remove stains and salt buildup
  • The Crepe Wedge expels dirt worked free by the eraser
  • The Nylon and Brass bristle brush lifts the nap
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Product Description

Pecard’s Suede Brush makes it easy to clean dry tanned leather and rough-out leather. The eraser removes stains and salt while the crepe wedge eliminates dirt worked free by the eraser. Use the nylon/brass bristle brush to lift the nap after cleaning.

Brass Wire and Synthetic Bristles: Use synthetic bristles to brush stains out of leather. Brass wire bristles remove even the most tenacious dirt!

Stain Eraser: Use a stain eraser to remove marks and shiny spots carefully. Clean your shoes with synthetic bristles afterward!

Rubber Crepe: Brush the leather thoroughly with crepe. Crepe cleans leather fibers from dust and roughs them up evenly. Suede will look as good as new.

Additional Information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 1 in


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