Our customers come from all walks of life

but the one thing they have in common is counting on Pecard to clean and condition their leather

Restored a Bill Dock’s original glove for a friend’s bday. … I used Pecard Antique Leather dressing and cloths. …

Huge shoutout to Pecard – I couldn’t have done it without you and your amazing customer service. The owner literally went over the process with me on the phone and was so warm and helpful. Thank you thank you thank you!!

J. Moss
I am Robert Dante, a professional bullwhip artist, four-time Guinness World Record holder, and author of “Let’s Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills.” I am in process of finishing the second edition of my book. This time, it will include photos and comments from other whip crackers and the top whip makers from around the world. I’d like to include a photo of Pecard’s product in the section on whip care. I’ve used Pecard on my own whips and I’m happy to recommend it.
Robert Dante
I have been using Pecard’s regular leather dressing for a few years now on my motorcycle leather saddlebags, seats, chaps and boots. Today I went to order some more and the place I had been buying it from is out of business, so I went online and was surprised to find that you had a product especially made for motorcycle leather. I can’t wait for my order to arrive. If it is as good as your regular dressing I know I will be happy.
RC Woolstrum, March 8, 2014
There isn’t a better leather product on the market bar NONE. I tried them all! While working out in every rain and sloppy snow mix as a garbageman for 20 years. Also on my riding leathers, been riding even longer. A dual war veteran, goose hunter ‘friend / customer’ recommended it to me one nasty rainy day. Then bought me some at a gun show. I bought new boots and tried it…all day rain 12 hour day later my feet were dry…Nothing else compares.
Bryan Freund, October 28, 2015
After a long 2015-2016 winter, Pecard Never Leak Leather Dressing took my leather winter boots from “tired” to “ready for next year” in about 20 minutes time.
Chad Dillavou, April 9, 2016
I’ve used Pecard on my boots, shoes, baseball gloves, belts and anything leather for many years. I have a pair of Limmer hiking boots that are 25 years old and still going strong thanks to great Made in USA quality and Pecard Leather Dressing once a year.
Craig Shipp, February 19, 2015
I first became aware of Pecard Dressing for professional costuming use almost 25 years ago. It has been an important part of preserving hard-to-find period footwear, belts and leather accoutrements for film and TV use.

Had to share this review from John at The Old Country Store Antiques:
“A little testimonial for you. I recently bought some civil war relics that were found on the bottom of a river. These relics consisted of leather cartridge boxes that had been in the river for 140 years. They were found 10 years ago & placed in cardboard boxes without being treated. Needless to say the leather had hardened & was extremely brittle. A friend of mine had gotten some Pecard leather dressing from a friend at the museum in Richmond, VA. He suggested I try Pecard on the leather. After treating it everyday for a week the leather because very soft & flexible. The leather now looks really great now!”

Kent Courtney, February 21, 2015
I just thought I would pass on my research. I first was introduced to your product Leather Dressing in Wyoming for my saddles. After further research I have been learning that your products have been used on numerous different leathers. And rated and touted as some of the best on the market. So, it goes without question I will be using it on my new cycle boots before use, and as a maintenance product going forward.
I recently obtained some 115-year-old “Tobacco leather patches” with my son’s school (Cornell) on them. I plan on using them on a vintage letterman jacket for him but I was so afraid for their slight brittleness. I put some antique leather dressing on top and worked in a bit of the FREE shoe oil on the back side. They are already far more subtle or dare I say like new! 115 years old! THANK YOU PECARD!!!
Facebook Review
This is just to let you know I am thrilled with the results I get using your leather dressing. I’m glad I bought a bigger tub, because our older kids wander in with sad, dried out boots which come back to life after using your product; happily, they’ve caught on and are now buying their own Pecard’s. I try to buy good quality leather boots, saddles, bridles, etc., and feel your product insures many years of use which justifies the slightly higher price tags. Thanks for making a fine product.
S. S.
This Hartmann belting leather bag looks so beautiful after following your advice and recommendations. There were some parts, like the front, that needed 3 applications, while most of the remainder came “back to life”, with two applications. I’m going to give it a couple more days to acclimate to the applications, then give it a nice buffing out. It’s remarkable what your company’s product was able to do!
I purchased an old military black leather M1911 .45 cal holster and it arrived in extremely dried out condition basically stiff as a board. I searched the web for a product that would work on old gun holsters and had lots of conflicting advice; however, several sites recommended your products. I ordered a bottle of Shoe Oil and you sent a sample of the leather dressing. I applied several coats of the shoe oil to the inside of the holster on the rough leather using a toothbrush to get inside and rubbed in several coats of the leather dressing on the outside of the holster. I then applied a good coat of gun oil to my M1911 .45, wrapped it in a plastic shopping bag and placed it in the holster. I placed the holster in the warm garage and rubbed in the leather dressing with a cloth several times a day for a few days until the holster stopped absorbing the product. The holster came out great in better shape than the holsters I was issued in the Army! I will be using it on all my holsters, leather slings, ammo pouches, and boots to name a few items that I own needing some additional care. You have a customer for life now and I will let my friends know about your great products. Thanks again.
DuWayne M., Houston, TX
I use PECARD for all our leather treatment. Attached is a picture of an old family saddle … a Hamley Bronc Buster saddle from the 1920’s that Uncle Jimmie use to break horses with. The Pecard brought it back to life. I used up my last bit of Pecard on it and placed a new order. When the order arrives, I will start on another old saddle and rifle scabbard. Thank You!
Karl, Houston, TX
Pecard leather dressing completely transformed my favorite, beat-into-the-ground motorcycling jacket. My old Triumph jacket went from well faded and dried-out to beautifully worn-in, in one treatment.
Anonymous, February 19, 2014
I’ve been using your dressing for a few years now. Recently I acquired an eleven year old BMW with leather interior. After using a name brand auto leather conditioner, the leather became dry. Fearing that cracking would occur, I ordered your leather cream. In 10 degree weather, I treated the seats, let them sit for three hours, then wiped dry. The results were impressive. When temps are warm, I plan to do another coat, and let it sink in longer. Also, I got a free bottle of shoe oil, prices were great, and shipping was fast. You have a customer for life.
I am a big fan of buying the best, and I got it. Your products are well known to me, so when purchasing oil and dressing for my motorcycle leathers, Pecard’s was the natural choice. Your mail order service, however, was new to me. I can’t believe how quickly my order was received, email confirmations sent out, and in just two days my order arrived cross country. Amazing! Thanks for great products, and double thanks for the fast-fast service.
Thank you for taking the time to share with me your recommendations for treating the leather furniture we just obtained from our daughter. We carefully followed your instructions & those that were on the container of the Pecard furniture lotion. We were very PLEASED with the results. I will be trying out the Pecard crème leather dressing on my leather belts soon. You can be rest assured, as the back page of the Pecard brochure/catalog requested: “we will spread the word!”.
D. T.
I recently purchased an eight plait ten foot bull whip. The handcrafter included instructions regarding the breaking in and conditioning of his product and recommended Pecard Leather Conditioning. The whip was very well made but would not crack very well because it was so rigid. I took the handcrafter’s advice and purchased a 6 oz tub of your classic leather care conditioner. Over the course of several evenings (allowing time between for the leather to absorb) I worked in the entire six ounces from the tub. After letting the whip lie pulled out in the hallway, it has completely absorbed the full application. The whip is in excellent condition and EXTREMELY flexible and has a very smooth operation that I was not expecting. I now recommend your product to my friends, and as a few minutes ago I’m a repeat customer as I have a dried out leather baldric for one of my swords. You guys should seriously have a feedback section on your website and a link to read the reviews. Awesome product.
I am really astounded your product exceeds all of my expectations by miles! This is really Magic in a can. I can’t even tell you how it restored my jacket. Thanks.
D.E.R., Pennsylvania
I have used your product for many years on my old military leather items. I am more than happy and recommend your items to all!! Any recommendations to others would be no problem. Certainly wish other companies would try so hard. Thanks!!