Safe and gentle horse tack care products for you and your horses

If you drive a carriage, ride for fun or competition, depend on horses for your work, or simply love the companionship, nothing beats the smell of horse and well-cared for leather.

Our horse tack care products let you relax, knowing that your leather is well-cared for and safe for you and your horse. We’ll keep your leather clean, weatherproof, supple, and healthy for life (or longer!).

If you are unsure of the product that is best for you, check out our leather guide. If you have questions the guide doesn’t answer, we’d be happy to answer your call at 1-800-467-5056 during business hours or through an email sent to pecardemail.

  • Saddle Conditioner


    Eque-Care Leather Dressing

    • Ideal for: Saddles, Western Boots, Exotic and Reptile, and Leather Accessories
    • Safe for you and your horse
    • Recommended for Smooth Oil Tanned or Naked Leather, smooth or textured smooth oil tanned leather, also safe for embossed leather and naked leather
    • Not recommended for Suede or NuBuck leather (use our NuBuck and Suede Spray instead)
    • Safe for you and your horse
    • Use on smooth or textured smooth Oil-tanned, Vegetable, & Chrome tanned leather
    • Neutral colored pH-Balanced oil waterproofs, conditions and restores
    • Darkens lighter colored leather
    • Comes in a 32 oz container
  •     Ideal for: Genuine Suede, NuBuck, Rough, or Smooth leathers ●    Foam pump applicator ●    Safe for use on coated leathers