For Antique Leather Care, Pecard’s Antique Leather Dressing Is the Only Product You Need

Pecard Leather Care Products are the choice for antique owners who want to clean, restore, condition, and enjoy extra longevity for their prized leather possessions. Pecard has been in business since 1902 and is a welcome answer for leather that’s been around that long (or longer!)

“Recognized as the premier antique leather care for decades, it remains the foolproof and cost-efficient answer to antique leather conservation. Used by museums and collectors everywhere, Pecard Antique Leather Care is the gold standard for antique leather conservation.”

– R S Dorsey, Antique Leather Care Specialist, Author

If you are unsure of the product that is best for you, check out our leather guide. If you have questions the guide doesn’t answer, we’d be happy to answer your call at 1-800-467-5056 during business hours or through an email sent to pecardemail.