Tools That Complement Pecard Leather Care Products

The Pecard Leather Care line offers the best products to condition, preserve, and protect your leather. We help customers care for their investments by meeting their classic, antique, sport, or equestrian leather care needs.

To complement our expert line of products, we offer a few accessories that make leather care easier for you.

If you are unsure of the product that is best for you, check out our leather guide. If you have questions the guide doesn’t answer, we’d be happy to answer your call at 1-800-467-5056 during business hours or through an email sent to pecardemail.

    • Ideal for: Suede and NuBuck
    • Use the eraser side to remove stains and salt buildup
    • The Crepe Wedge expels dirt worked free by the eraser
    • The Nylon and Brass bristle brush lifts the nap
    • Soft Bristled side to polish smooth leather
    • Coarse Bristled side can be used to pre-clean all kinds of leather
    • Crape wedge helps remove dirt and roughen Suede leather
    • Lint free cloth
    • 17.5 X 6.5 inches
    • Used to apply or buff off Dressing and Lotions
  •     Ideal for: Genuine Suede, NuBuck, Rough, or Smooth leathers ●    Foam pump applicator ●    Safe for use on coated leathers
    • Microfiber cloth
    • 12 X 12 inches
    • Used to gently buff off Dressing and Lotions